Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi everyone and welcome back to my baking blog…

This time I shall be sharing a recipe for triple chocolate chip cookies, they have dark chocolate in the dough and are filled with milk and white chocolate chips. My main tip for making cookies is to not overcook them; they will look puffed up and soft when you take them out but they will harden slightly as they cool. Also avoid touching them and trying to take them off the paper until they are cool!! You can make them as big or small as you want and can change the flavours by adding different ingredients: smarties, finely chopped nuts.

This recipe makes about 25 medium sized cookies.


150g dark chocolate, broken up

150g soft spread

100g light brown soft sugar

75g caster sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

1 egg, lightly beaten

175g plain flour

2tbsp cocoa powder

1tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

100g milk chocolate chips

100g white chocolate chips


1.Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. Line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper.


2.Melt the dark chocolate in a medium saucepan (or in a heatproof bowl over a simmering pan of water) over a low heat until melted. Continue stirring throughout to avoid burning the chocolate. Leave aside to cool slightly.


3.Using an electric hand mixer, whisk together the soft spread, light brown sugar, caster sugar and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl until soft and fluffy. Scrap the sides of the bowl as you go to ensure all the ingredients are combined.


4.Whisk in the dark chocolate and egg (I recommend beating the egg separately to avoid getting some shell in the mixture).


5.Sieve together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt into a mixing bowl.


6.Slowly mix the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture, until fully combined. Then add in all the chocolate chips. Mix until fully combined.


7. Using 2 teaspoons, place a good amount of the dough in spoonfuls onto the greaseproof paper. Place into the oven and cook for 12 minutes, if using 2 shelves in the oven rotate the trays at the halfway cooking point.


8.Leave to cool on the trays (I had to use another tray and more greaseproof paper to cook the remainder of my cookies). Once cool, use a spatula/fish slice to gently remove from the paper. Kept in an airtight container and enjoy!


Best served warm, when the chocolate chips are still gooey.


Would like to say a big thank you to Alex for firstly suggesting I make cookies and helping me with the baking 🙂


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