The importance of oven temperature and baking

Hi everyone,

This post is a little different to my usual ones but I think it is really important to think about when baking…

Why are oven temperatures so important?

This image illustrates the importance of oven temperature when baking and more specifically making sure you preheat your oven correctly.

Fig 1 and featured image: Taken from (see link below)

Sometimes preheating the oven or stopping yourself from opening the oven door until the cake is nearly cooked can seem a bit unnecessary. But these things are super important, I have definitely learnt my lesson the hard way more times than I care to admit! Simply forgetting to preheat the oven for enough time can really mess up the cooking time for your cakes as this often means it takes longer than you think for it to cook and then you open the oven too early and end up with a sunken middle!

So here are my top 10 tips to stop a potential baking disaster…

My top tips: 

1.Always preheat your oven – give it plenty of time to heat up

2.Double check the temperature it should be on – especially with electric ovens, is it on fan or not?

3.Measure your ingredients out carefully – baking is about precision

4.Make sure to grease and line tins appropriately – there’s nothing worse than a cake getting stuck to the tin!

5.Don’t be tempted to open the oven too early – this can lead to sunken cakes (it is easier to check if your oven has a window)

6.Use the middle shelf – I find this delivers the best results

7.Don’t put more than 2 cakes at once – more cakes often means baking takes longer and cakes might not cook evenly!

8.Cover cakes with foil if the tops are browning but the middle isn’t cooked yet

9.Use a skewer to check the middle is cooked before removing from the oven

10.Leave cakes until they’re completely cooled and then ice – otherwise you’ll end up with the icing melting and going everywhere!

For more info please check out this amazing guide by Which talking more about the importance of oven temperatures and baking:

This guide contains so really good information that has helped me so take a look 🙂


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